He will Come To You

Im saved today! I praise God that I am.
But, even as I say that, I realize that I had nothing to do with my salvation.
I am saved because Jesus came to me.
I am saved because He did what I could not do for myself.
I am saved because one day Jesus came into my heart and saved my soul.
I am saved by grace.
I am saved perfectly, completely and eternally and I did not have one thing to do with it; I
did not contribute one thing to it.
I am saved because He came to me!
I see this same truth lived out time and again.
There is passage after passage showing Jesus as He goes to people trapped in desperate
Whether it is a sinful woman at Jacob’s well; a blind man at the Temple; a poor beggar in
Jericho; or a rich man in a tree;
we are given the privilege of watching as Jesus moves in power for people who are
trapped in hopeless and helpless situations.
I want to look in on a pitiful little scene in a small town called Nain.
I want to watch Jesus do the impossible and the incredible one more time.
I want to show you what Jesus can and will do when He comes into your impossible
I want to show you what He can do for every soul that will trust Him by faith.