Zoom Pew Rules and Regulations

                                           Rules and Regulations for Virtual Participation

After many months of broadcasting via social media, we are excited to offer a Zoom interactive audience. In order to allow this process to go smoothly and minimize distractions during service, we are asking you to adhere to the following guidelines:

• You cannot arrive late nor leave early. Participants must login five minutes before the scheduled start of service and remain logged in until virtual service ends.

• Your camera must be on. We want to see you in church virtually, so you will need to keep your camera on the entire service.

• Your mic needs to be muted until the host releases that option for you to use. Zoom and other virtual meeting technology picks up background noises and talking. We do not want to disrupt service or inhibit others from hearing the message. You will be muted at the start of service by the Zoom host. Please keep your mics muted.

• This is not an open forum—Please do not ask questions. The host will allow participants to occasionally unmute to respond in agreement just as we would in person (i.e. to say “Amen” or clap). This interaction is a major reason we are allowing you to join in, but please mute yourself immediately after and be mindful of background noises while unmuted.

• Dress and appearance should be appropriate. While we do not have a formal dress code, we are asking you to be modest in your attire of choice, as well as your background. You will be online and on social media, live during service and for others to view at a later time. We do not want to be distracting from the message and we want to represent the house of the Lord respectfully.

We’d love you to join us in this interactive service for Sunday Morning Service. Please complete the form below and we will contact you with your participation date and time. Seven participants will be selected for every interactive service.