Give with a Purpose

Give with a Purpose

Give with Purpose... (from the Board of Trustees)

The Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020 has brought many changes but God has used it for His Glory. Determined to continue to spread the message of the Gospel, we upgraded our technology and have been broadcasting from offsite since March 2020…and what a tremendous response we have received!

We are now preparing to return to our building where we will continue to broadcast services. In order to do so, we’ve discovered that WiFi must be strengthened to carry the streaming signal. The construction costs of WiFi hard-wiring to our building has been estimated at $12,000. We need your help.

If you are inclined to participate, we are asking for donations of $75 - $100 donations to ensure that we can cover this expense. If you are prepared to give more, most certainly you are welcomed to do so. All donations toward this endeavor are appreciated and we are believing God will bless your efforts.

God Bless You!